Tagalog (#548)

There’s something about learning Tagalog,
That makes my brain turn to fog,
It’s spoken so incredibly fast,
And its vocabulary is amazingly vast,
I found learning Tagalog was hard,
But any language can be that way in that regard,
Like when I learned the word pasalubong,
The first time I said it, oh was it wrong!
And that was just a word, you should’ve heard my phrases,
How I survived speaking it still amazes,
Like when I first said, Salamat Po,
It didn’t exactly flow,
I know my Tagalog was weak,
That’s probably why I got odd looks when I tried to speak,
In the time there I picked up what I could,
Was I successful and did I do good?
I’d have to admit I probably was not,
But I can proudly say I gave it a shot.

Any Thoughts?

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