Submission Calls (#1462)

Oh, my Goddess of love,
Devil in disguise, an angel from above,
You have gripped my heart with gentle hands,
Taking me into your world and different lands,
The wolf inside is confused and distraught,
He cannot obey nor defend as he was taught,
You have taken control of my body and heart,
I cannot and wish not to resist,
My love for you grows and continues to persist,
Oh, my precious sweet,
Oh, inside of me you set off an inferno of intense heat,
I love you; I want you and I need you so,
Just from talking to you, I shake and glow,
Oh, my lady love, my beloved true,
I wish so much to be with you,
If soon I am not careful, I’d love to serve you,
Though it seems there be nothing better I’d love to do,
The truth I cannot deny nor cover,
I love you my Mistress, my dear lover.

Any Thoughts?

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