Stoked (#891)

With a look from your eyes, I’m steaming,
In a touch of that gasoline, you’ve got me gleaming,
With a word from your mouth, I’m smoking,
The temperature is rising, and I’m not joking,
With a hug from you, I’m sparking,
In seconds you’ve got me howling and barking,
With a kiss from you, I’m on fire!
I’m burning up hotter and higher!
When you’ve got the temperature hot,
You stroke the fire in the right spot,
You won’t let me dwindle out,
But I may burn myself out no doubt,
Push and let my temperature rise,
Until my time’s up and my fire dies,
You’ve got me stoked and ready to go!
You’ve got me where I can’t say no!
You’re burning down my fuse,
I’m thinking I’ve got nothing to lose,
Darling keep me stoked and burning,
Because I won’t stop loving and yearning.

Any Thoughts?

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