Starbucks (#602)

I know how people feel or at least understand the crux,
But is it really all that bad to like Starbucks?
I’ve tried to patron all the local places,
But I don’t really care for the atmosphere in their spaces,
There they like to get a customer in and out, “turn and burn,”
But at Starbucks, I can write for hours without any concern,
I know I should support my local venues,
But most, if not all, have barely decent drinks on their menus,
Corporations are generally evil that much I agree,
But their stores’ staff are genuinely caring if you care to see,
I’ve never had a bad experience at Starbucks, nor a bad drink,
It’s always a nice place to write and a pleasant place to think,
The adage says, “You get what you pay for,”
The prices are high but the quality and care I can’t ignore,
For not going local, do I feel guilt or remorse?
On some level of my being, sure, of course,
But given a choice between them, my local coffee shop sucks,
I’m easily going to keep being a patron at my local Starbucks.

Any Thoughts?

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