Special to Me (#184)

There’s no way I can fight the way I feel,
It’s either nothing or the whole deal,
For what it’s worth, I love you with all my heart,
To begin telling you how special you are, where do I start?
To begin, you are cherished by me in every way,
Don’t think it comes and goes, NO, it stays every day,
Even little things about you are special to me,
Like your eyes and your smile that you let me see,
Hugs and kisses that you softly give,
The touch of your hand and your love that makes me live,
A little witty remark or appetizing phrase,
The way I feel after being with you, a complete daze,
On my tiptoes, you’ve got me perched high,
You’d better know no word of this is a lie.

Any Thoughts?

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