Social Networking (#1473)

Go ahead and take a lingering look,
At that giant social network Facebook,
For many, the site became an addiction,
There’s no cure for their new affliction,
For them to unplug is to not live at all,
They need to check their profile’s wall,
But look at the reality of this website,
Sure, it’s packing lots of social might,
But does it deserve the clout it’s got?
Is it not contributing to society’s rot?
How many so-called friends are friends?
How much of it are just games and trends?
How much are advertisements and drivel?
How many nice people become uncivil?
It gives people a face without a face,
Social networking is such a rat race,
I don’t want to post or send a tweet,
Sometimes my accounts I want to delete.

Any Thoughts?

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