Snowy Night (#31)

Snowflakes float to the earth like fairies in dance,
Icicles adorning the windows fall at chance,
Smoke rises from the chimney encrusted with snow,
Ice crackles and pops in the trees above and below,
Spring wanting grasses peak through the snow-laden hill,
Frost glides upon the breeze to the window’s sill,
Windowpanes frosted over with a wintry glow,
While inside the wines of the past summer flow,
Warmth of the fireplace softly blankets the room,
And outside the wintry cold ever in loom,
Sparse decor on the fire warmed floor,
Candles are lit and mistletoe above the wooden door,
And old comfortable couch centered front the fireplace,
Sits a couple firmly snuggled face against face,
Eye to eye and glass to glass,
An eternal moment never to pass.

Any Thoughts?

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