Silence (#1042)

I’m used to some measure of silence between us,
But now it seems we’ve lost the ability to discuss,
We both have challenging lives on our own,
But now to each other, a cold silence is shown,
All due to honesty and unintended hurt,
The decaying friendship decomposes to dirt,
It seems we went from stalemate to checkmate,
It saddens me that we’ve reached this state,
I was hoping the issues were something we could resolve,
But alas, the decision was made to dissolve,
We’ve had this kind of thing in the past,
So, it’s no surprise the friendship didn’t last,
But unlike before, the lesson has been learned,
And now the bridge back is torched and burned,
Will I miss my old friend- of course!
But for being honest, I have no remorse,
I should have spoken up earlier in hindsight,
What is friendship if you can’t be honest and forthright?

Any Thoughts?

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