Senses of Music (#1011)

Feeling is quite a sense for all beings great and small,
It makes us who we are, be it shy or having brazen gall,
The feel of music moves a musician’s instrument along,
It’s what controls and pushes musicians on violin to gong,
The feel of music can be refreshing, cool and smooth,
To the most surprising or rough, and can even soothe,
Taste is how we judge things that nourish us all,
It can make us happy or can make our tears fall,
The taste of music is what flavors a musician’s tone or song,
It tells the musician that with flavor no piece is wrong,
The taste of music can be salty, sweet, and light,
To the spiciest, tangy, and can even put up a fight,
Sight is how we perceive the world’s wild and extensive trove,
We travel around the world just to see and rove,
The sight of music is what water’s a musician’s mouth,
For it can be found east, west, north, or south,
The sight of music can be bright, colorful, and broad,
To inspiring, taunting, or can be made into the sod,
The smell of music is a fine perfume scented with care,
With every parchment or drop of ink emotion is there,
The smell of music can attract a musician from miles,
They’ll sniff out that tune using all their wiles,
The smell of music can be fragrant, pleasing, and bold,
To the mellow, potent or can even have a lingering hold,
The sound of music carries emotion in every beat,
It pushes through frigid cold and any intense heat,
It is a tale told in rhythm of beat,
It can also keep you bolted to your seat,
The sound of music can stop a person in their track,
Or give musician’s whiplash in looking back,
The sound of music can be beautiful, soft, or pretty,
To tear-jerking, eye-opening, or even curiously witty,
Senses are special to all beings whole,
For these are the musician’s goal.

Any Thoughts?

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