Senior Parade (#1769)

Knowing that the seniors had earned the right to walk the stage,
The TCHS bulldog nation has one more fight to wage,

The parents and the seniors decked in their caps and gowns,
Drove to the school parking lot and filled it with cheering sounds,

We lined up in the order in which we arrived and watched the cars,
Car horns honked and one by one they went, just like ours,

We drove through a maze of rural streets lined with cheering folk,
I never imagined the feelings such a parade would invoke,

When we reached Bulldog Boulevard, we were sorted into our lane,
Photos were snapped and teachers cheered – It was all insane,

We proceeded two by two until we got to the stage and he got out,
We watched him walk the stage as the wind whipped about,

That special moment we’d all worked hard for had finally came,
We tried to take pictures as best we could and cheered at his name,

I don’t know how he felt but for us it was an emotional whirlpool,
Just like that it was over, and we were driving away from his school,

Any Thoughts?

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