Seeing My Friend (#1201)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her last,
It had to be a good 4-5 years in the past,
But tonight, the stars aligned, and we got to meet,
Seeing her again was a wonderful treat,
I met her, and her longtime boyfriend turned fiancé,
Not a bad way to end a long day,
We had dinner and talked for a while,
Even talked about how she wanted to walk down the aisle,
We reminisced for a bit, but then they needed to go,
They had to make sure they arrived in time to see their show,
I walked them to their car and gave goodbyes,
I hugged her tight and considered those lovely blue eyes,
It was so wonderful to see her again,
The next time I’ll see her I’m not sure when,
I’ll try to take a day off, so I can see her sometime soon,
Maybe we’ll be able to have lunch together one afternoon,
On a side note about her groom to be,
For her choice of man, I certainly agree,
He seems genuine and very caring,
And has that tough guy look of edgy and daring,
I can see love in his eyes when he looks at her,
So again, of her choice, I must concur,
I cherished the time we had despite it being fleeting,
And I look forward to our next chance meeting.

Any Thoughts?

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