Scooby-Doo and the Gang (#1249)

A chased Scooby-Doo lets out a yelp,
A spooked Shaggy yells “H..h..help!”,
A curious Velma finds some obscure clues,
A mirror-caught Daphne checks out her new shoes,
A fearless Fred comes up with the plans,
Suddenly millions become their fans,
Generations later their legacy has taken hold,
And they are loved by both young and old,
They’ve etched their place in TV history,
Everyone loves the gang and a good mystery,
As a child, I would always watch the show,
Many early mornings I spent in the TV’s glow,
Now my son is the one sneaking downstairs,
To watch their shows with his teddy bears,
No matter their age, their viewers hold them dear,
Hopefully, for generations more they’ll still be here,

Any Thoughts?

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