Sands in Travel (#706)

Thousands of miles away from home,
My loved ones are where my mind tends to roam,
So far away from all that I love I ask its worth,
All this work, all this heartache for no ounce of mirth,
Pictures and words are all I have to hold,
My bed is so lonely and so dreadfully cold,
The smell of her hair in the morning and the feel of her touch,
The smile on her face and her kiss I miss so much,
Being woke up early by my cheerful son to play,
His little hugs, kisses, and sayings any given day,
My little furball who lunges and leaps,
Who bites and curls up next to you while everyone sleeps,
I cannot touch my misery that hangs so heavy,
My sorrow and tears can no longer be held back by levee,
I miss my loved ones so much more than I’ve ever felt,
It stings me more than even my parent’s old leather belt,
The greatest pleasure is to serve but I cannot so far away,
My travel home seems such a distant day,
To honor those I love, I continue my sacrifice in the sands,
So far away from the ones I love here in distant lands,

Any Thoughts?

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