Rock n’ Roll (#603)

I’m going to rock the world tonight,
It’s going to be such a sight,
I’ve flown from here to there,
Kicking it up with a lot of flare,
I’m going to take the stage,
And a musical war I’m going to wage,
Soundcheck and we’re good to go,
Tonight, the music is going to flow,
The gear and mics are all set,
Going to make rival bands sweat,
The roars and cheers of the crowd,
It’s enough to make you proud,
Strobe lights flash, and the fog rolls out,
The adrenaline is what it’s all about,
The chords and strums,
The rhythm of the drums,
I’m going to play till I can’t play anymore,
Time to show the crowd what’s in store,
Get ready for the musical spree,
One, Two, Three!

Any Thoughts?

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