Ripped My Pants (#1280)

Oh, crap. I ripped my pants!
How can I hide it in my present stance?
It’s beyond me how this could occur,
And it all happened in such a blur,
Getting out of the car, I was snagged by the door,
The sound was unmistakable that much is for sure,
It echoed in my ears, but I had no time to stop,
I just hoped my pants wouldn’t fall with a flop,
Coyly, I entered the restaurant, ordered and found my seat,
No looks, no smiles, just normal talk,
I was safe until the next time I had to walk,
Beneath the cover of the table, I found the hole,
Fixing it now would be an impossible goal,
After lunch, I hurried to the car,
Past the lines of people that extended far,
Into the car and back to work we go,
Finally, at my desk I let the ideas flow,
No needle, no thread, but a plan I possess,
Lucky for me it got me out of this mess.

Any Thoughts?

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