Rejected (#1068)

Rejected is how I feel,
Every night the more it seems real,
Every sexual impulse, desire, and life,
I want to experience with my wife,
Yet now when she can be with me,
She turns aside for me to let her be,
I love, need and very much want her,
To make love to her till she utters none but purr,
To feel her warmth against my own,
Yet it feels only friendship is shown,
True, we are best friends as well,
It would seem her sexual appetite has fell,
Does she have no more need of me that way?
Overwhelming is the desire, though I will not stray,
I want my wife, yet she seems not to for I,
She loves me and I her, then why is sex so shy?
Rejection is what I have felt inside,
To ignore it, I’ve tried!
Yet pain still swells in my heart while desire doth grow,
Will her sexual desire ever show?

Any Thoughts?

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