Real Talk (#1041)

When it comes to keeping in touch, I’m the worst,
And to admit it, I’ll be the first,
It’s not that they’re out of sight out of mind,
It’s more a product of how my personality is designed,
I tend to connect when there’s a need,
Concise and direct, as small talk makes my eyes bleed,
Communication should have a purpose in my book,
There must be some pay off for the time it took,
A shallow conversation to just connect isn’t enough,
Any extraneous small talk I’d rather slough,
If I’m going to communicate it better have meat,
Else you’ll see me make a quick retreat,
There are folks I should talk to more,
But there’s not much to communicate anymore,
Why then should I attempt to reach out?
And what in Hades would we talk about?

Any Thoughts?

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