Rainstorm (#432)

A sprinkle to the ground then torrential rain,
The sparkling rain washes over the forest’s green domain,
Cornfields filled with water and corn shucks,
Water drained into the tire tracks left by trucks,
Limbs of trees from constant rain gently bounced,
With a flash of lightning, the storm began to be announced,
A bright flash of light then a shake of the thunder,
The clouds speed above, and the winds blow under,
The rainstorm settles in to do its toil,
The grayish clouds above set into their moil,
A misty rain tries to wash away what does remain,
Right before and after the scent of the rainstorm is there,
The thunder and lightning are soothing in the springtime air,
Rainstorms are a lulling sight for most who hear them,
Lightning and thunder sewed into the rain cloud’s hem.

Any Thoughts?

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