Pushing Me Away (#1776)

The more the Left takes the spotlight,
The more I find myself moving right,

Theirs is a position of feelings rather than fact,
There’s no filter for what they say or how they act,

They rally against the American dream,
They only know how to divide and scream,

What happened to tolerance, love, and peace?
Now it’s about socialism and hating police,

Racism and prejudice still exist,
But the idea it may not be systematic gets dismissed,

There’re narratives being pushed that aim to divide,
I see it happening on each political side,

Both the Left and the Right move further away,
But the actions of the Left fill me with the most dismay,

I’m fiscally conservative but socially liberal to a large degree,
But today I feel the left has abandoned me,

The Right has been painted as corrupt and evil,
But they aren’t the ones behind this upheaval,

They show tolerance and love and are open to discussions,
But if you debate with the Left there’s bad repercussions,

I’m conflicted in my beliefs regarding which is best,
Both clearly have faults that need to be addressed,

The more anger and hate I see the Left incite,
The more I find myself moving right,

Any Thoughts?

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