Presidential Debate (#1408)

Who is best for the United States?
Can it be determined with these Presidential debates?
Their answers are far too rehearsed,
And it’s easy to see their political thirst,
I see the drive and their political aim,
But why all this pointing the finger and blame?
They tout track history and fact,
But it’s all just a scripted act,
The same party rhetoric is all they parrot,
Bashing instead of standing on their own merit,
Don’t tell me what you’re going to do tell me how,
Don’t try to put on a show and try to wow,
Show me why you need to be in the presidential seat,
Don’t mud-sling, don’t slander and don’t cheat,
All that banter back and forth is just distraction,
Are you a candidate of words or a candidate of action?
Show me your ideas and on the different issues your view,
Forget your opponent for a change and tell me about you.

Any Thoughts?

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