Powers (#101)

Removal from my mind is expressly forbidden,
You taught me there- even in the hidden,
In love’s power, you have me,
Never to be released nor ever want to be,
Hours of the night are spent in dreams of you,
At dawn, they are over, and I turn sorrowfully blue,
Powers over me you have without notion,
Yet you have me with every ember of emotion,
You can peer into the depths of my heart,
And somehow you outsmart me even before I start,
How you gained these powers, I am without clue,
Winning has evaded me when playing against you,
I fight yet when it comes to you, I yield,
Somehow you can take me on any battlefield,
Attack or defend I have no pawn to use,
So, I’ve noticed it’s a stalemate, or I lose,
Clever and charming as always to see,
Bound by your love shall I always be,
Wherever a need or want should arise,
I’ll be there to help you no matter its size,
Held captive forever by the likes of your spell,
No powers can break it not even that of hell,
A moment with you I’d never sell,
For a moment away from you turns me pale,
What a challenge you’ve turned out to be,
You have no idea how important you are to me,
I’ll be your white knight lancing any fear,
Just know I love you and I’ll always be here.

Any Thoughts?

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