Phoenix (#19)

Love is proclaimed to be the phoenix and her fire,
Her immortal strength one must nobly admire,
If she is extinguished, then from ashes she will rise,
She will forever burn; perhaps softly, however, she never dies,
She never gives in or up without a fight,
Even if she loses, she survives through the darkest night,
The phoenix soars high with strength and pride,
Her will is that of a fiery but unyielding ocean tide,
The phoenix can never be destroyed or cause malicious pain,
The symbol of love surely is the phoenix, evil’s only bane,
In every heart that possesses love, a phoenix is there,
For the phoenix will burn even where none would dare,
A phoenix is born every moment love is given life,
Never dying, only living, she will continue through strife,
For those in love, she’s the guardian of that domain,
Hail to the phoenix with all her flame!

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