Our Mother Earth (#533)

The world doth turns,
Silently in the icy cloak of night,
Just as the ocean churns,
Beneath the blistering sunlight,

So peaceful in the vastness of space,
That marble of green, brown and blue,
Hidden in beauty, the ugliness of the human race,
An ugliness that tends to boil and stew,

From her body, we steal and claim,
We pollute her lands, oceans, and air,
Governments and corporations accept no blame,
And most of humanity doesn’t seem to care,

Instead of focusing on the beauty that surrounds,
We prefer to squabble and bicker,
The madness of our actions confounds,
While she keeps getting sicker and sicker,

I’d like to think there’s still hope,
But humanity seems only motivated by greed,
For her preservation, we fumble and grope,
Because of that, I’m not so sure we’ll succeed.

Any Thoughts?

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