Our Choices (#1039)

Ever had too many options from which to choose?
And they all seem like viable avenues,
That’s pretty much where I’m at today,
And sadly, some of these choices may be only one way,
It’s kind of scary knowing you can’t go back,
Even when your whole being wanting to backtrack,
It’s hard to choose which way to take,
For we are ultimately changed with every choice we make,
Some people will take a leap without thinking,
To do that, I’d need to do a LOT of drinking,
I’m more the sort of weighing each choice by merit,
By way of which one has the stick versus the carrot,
That doesn’t always seem to help me choose,
Even when I listen to my internal cues,
For many are equally as good as they are bad,
GAH! Why are there so many choices to be had?

Any Thoughts?

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