Oh, Fiery Kiss (#324)

Oh, fiery kiss,
Giving me a feeling I simply cannot dismiss!
My mind is taken and left blank,
My memory is gone, and my resistance shrank,
What happened? Where am I? Who am I?
Is it possible to get from her drunk or high?
With any kiss like that, I’ve got to ask,
But to remember to speak is a large enough task,
Dumbfounded with her taste at the tip of my tongue,
My lips moist from her hot kiss where desire sprung,
Her kiss beyond words or explainable reason,
Her whole kiss sends my body into treason,
My knees grow weak, my desire rises, and my breath is scant,
Breathing the air that she just breathed had its own enchant,
I’m helpless, and she knows how to make me that way,
She can easily keep me on my toes night and day,
Even hours after the kiss I cannot comprehend things,
How it is hours pass, but her spell still clings?
Giving me a feeling I simply cannot dismiss!
Oh, fiery kiss!

Any Thoughts?

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