Not What It Seems (#1291)

Nothing is ever what it seems,
In real life or even dreams,
It’s beyond dagger and cloak,
It’s beyond mirror and smoke,
We see the way things should go,
But do they really? Oh no!
The why and how are never clear,
Not today, not tomorrow, not even next year,
I don’t believe it’s an intentional trick,
No, it’s just happenstance with a kick,
It certainly feels like sleight of hand,
But really, it’s just where the dice may land,
It’s not like life is full of cruel jokes,
Nor has it set up some complicated hoax,
Things will happen beyond our control,
Things we can’t even try to console,
If things go bad, just pick up the pieces,
If things go odd, just iron out the creases,
Cliché I know but life is what we make it,
We can live it or spend it in a crying fit.

Any Thoughts?

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