NaNoWriMo (#890)

I committed to NaNoWriMo like a second wife,
For a chaotic span of thirty days of my life,
Thus, I set into motion before November began,
I developed an outline and partial game plan,
I held my words until November first,
And then let loose my pent-up writing thirst,
Week one came in a gilded amorous rush,
My words were eloquent and descriptions lush,
Week two came, and my words seemed less shiny,
The zeal to write slowed and I became a bit whiny,
Week three came, and doubt crept in,
I continued writing not knowing if I’d win,
Week four came, and I could see the end,
At 48,000 the finish line was just around the bend,
I crossed the finish line with time to spare,
Verified my novel and threw my hands into the air,
Done, at last, my reward was sleep,
Oh, how my slumber was satisfyingly deep,
My unfinished novel now calls me back,
I must now get the ending back on track,
Once completed I can finally take a break,
I know leaving it unfinished is a mistake,
I don’t look forward to editing my work,
There’re no telling what problems may lurk,
Just like with writing, edits must be done,
But with all that work, there’s also a dose of fun,
I won NaNoWriMo with luck and a little bit of will,
Now that it’s over it’s all a little surreal,
I made new writing friends and gained an ounce of pride,
I got to understand a little better the writer deep inside,
I’m glad that I had the opportunity to give it my all,
And I’ll look forward to NaNoWriMo next fall.

Any Thoughts?

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