My Spot (#1164)

Why do cats always take the best seat in the house?
Can’t they just get up and play with some toy mouse?
I can’t even secure a spot in the bed,
Well, only enough for my head!
Everywhere I want to sit, that’s where they are,
But for my cats, that’s pretty much par,
If they’re not underfoot, they’re in my seat,
How can these cats pull off such a feat?
They seem to sleep all day,
And when they’re not, they’re in the way,
Don’t get me wrong; they’re downright adorable,
But the way they manipulate is downright deplorable,
Despite the fact they tend to take my spot,
I do love them quite a lot,
They can be frustrating little things,
But they know how to pull at the heartstrings,
They may drive me up the walls,
But they’re still my fur balls,
They both can be little brats,
But then again, so can most cats,
If they’re not tormenting each other, they’re lazy,
I swear they drive me crazy!

Any Thoughts?

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