My Return to Starbucks (#1963)

It’s my first time back since COVID struck,
The experience is strange but doesn’t suck,
The smells aren’t as strong as those I recall,
The sounds are like a familiar port of call,
The speed of service seems to be just as fast,
The taste of their tea has improved since last,
But the food quality seems to have dropped,
Likely COVID changes the maker had to adopt,
The tables were empty, but foot traffic was high,
Is this the new normal or just during today’s try?
Despite being where I practice my writing hobby,
I’ve been overly hesitant to return to their lobby,
Fear and caution have been the primary reason,
I even stayed away during the holiday season,
Eating inside wasn’t something I could embrace,
But today I decided it was something to face,
I’ve stayed away for over two and a half years,
But I guess it was time to take on my fears,
It’s honestly been nice to write inside again,
I can hardly believe how long it’s been,

Any Thoughts?

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