Mountain Trip Snow (#607)

At the bakery to buy cookies and other bakes,
It happens- we see a few snowflakes,
The temperature drops and icy winds blow,
Then out of nowhere it begins to snow,
It was certainly cold enough for some to fall,
but I didn’t expect to see any at all,
Rumors said we might see some that night,
But I never expected to see them during daylight,
Believe me when I say this isn’t a complaint!
Because I was full on smiling without restraint,
I can’t say why frozen water makes me smile,
I just wanted to see it continue for a while,
Those few flakes bloomed into a heavy flurry,
Enough, so the mountains in the distance were blurry,
It rarely snows where I live now,
So, when I see it, I’m filled with wonder and wow,

Any Thoughts?

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