Mother Earth (#69)

In the heat of passion, I scream “charge!”
Volcanic eruption of fury and anger in nuclear discharge,

Bubbling emotion floods over my mind,
A want to control them, I cannot find,

Only a wish to tear them piece-by-piece,
To shatter them is how I want my release,

To beat, to batter to pound and pummel,
Until they sorrow and be humble,

What nerve, what gall they show,
Littering, tossing trash here, there and fro!

To death, to torture to unforgiving pain,
For they caused Earth’s unbelievable bane,

You dare to poison the Mother,
With pollution, you ravage, burn and thousands other,

You’ve no heart and soul and soon perhaps no home,
Ever realize there is nowhere else to roam?

The Earth isn’t yours; you aren’t the decider,
She is our only home, our defender, our provider,

Stop the pollution, stop it now!
It’s not like destroying your only home is beneficial anyhow,

You’ve turned up the heat on us all,
And you still set us up for the fall,

What goes through that head of yours?
Nothing at all since day after day by truckload it pours,

Who are you to tell Earth her time is at an end,
Careful of our army just around the bend,

Under the green and white flag “recycle, reduce, reuse”
We promise Mother Earth will never again receive abuse,

We are her appointed knights,
We will be here to upload her sovereign rights,

Death to any who litter!
An oath to protect tree and critter!

Dare ye not to throw trash to the ground,
For where you do revenge will be found.

Any Thoughts?

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