More Stimulus (#1875)

Here comes another stimulus check,
The economy is already a wreck,
Stocks and real estate are booming,
But the threat of evictions is looming,

Landlords will be seeking unpaid rent,
And they’ll be wanting every cent,
Forbearances will have to be paid,
Else home foreclosures will pervade,

Unemployment rates are sky high,
And that’s only counting those who apply,
There are plenty who’ve given up trying,
And on government checks they’re relying,

Signs of inflation are beginning to appear,
With these new checks it’ll get worse I fear,
I understand why they’re being sent,
But is $1,400 really going to make a dent?

People have been hurting for a whole year,
A way back to normal isn’t all that clear,
Is that even something we can return to?
Or will our status quo be something new?

Any Thoughts?

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