Merry-Go-Round (#908)

Work is a merry-go-round that I can’t get off,
My balance is gone, and no air can I quaff,
Round and round, I continue to spin,
That’s the way lately it’s been,
If I keep trying to focus, I get sick,
It feels like it’s going around awfully quick,
I want things to slow down, if only for a bit,
Sometimes I want so badly just to quit,
But then I remember why I do what I do,
And that it’s something I must suffer through,
I want so badly to close my eyes and wish it all away,
To just escape the workload from day to day,
When all is spinning out of control,
It’s hard to meet the deadline’s goal,
On the corporate ladder, there’s no room to climb,
Cause there’s too much work due in so little time,
I can’t let go of the bars to fight,
Because I’m getting hammered left and right,
Alas, work keeps spinning like it or not,
And I’m lodged in the most uncomfortable spot,
Holding on to the handlebars till it slows,
Beaten, bruised and a bloody nose.

Any Thoughts?

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