Meetings (#928)

When it comes to M&P,
Why is it that none can agree?
Everyone wants it their own way,
Everyone always has something to say,
I just don’t get all the bickering about,
At all of them, I just want to shout!
Is a common consensus too much to ask?
Is this really such an insurmountable task?
From the looks of things, it is,
Don’t tell me it’s the nature of the biz,
There are too many egos trying to assert,
All the while treating each other like dirt,
I’m quite sick of it all if you ask me,
Why can’t we make one decision and let it be?
Huffing and barking isn’t going to resolve,
Why can’t these people just evolve?
Opinions are important that I’ll agree,
But people shouldn’t lay them out in royal decree,
Gail force attitudes aren’t something I want to weather,
So, for a change, can we just work together?
All this arguing is quite counterproductive,
Let’s all instead do something constructive.

Any Thoughts?

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