Love You So (#80)

Oh, how I love you so,
Exactly, only God could know,
The light in your starlit eyes,
And your sweet velvet sighs,
The sweetness of your smile,
And your absolute ravishing style,
The gold of your fragrant hair,
And your kindness and care,
The softness of your skin,
And your curious ways to win,
The tenderness of your lips,
And the reaction to my hands on your hips,
The preciousness of your expressions,
And your unforgettable impressions,
The way you cast your spell,
And your rosy cheeks never pale,
The way you lightly walk,
And your queen-like talk,
The rose petal touch of your hand,
And the way you sweetly sway and stand,
The heaven in your lovely gaze,
And the way you wittily use a phrase,
Oh, how I love you so,
So much more than you’ll ever know.

Any Thoughts?

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