Love Not Absent (#889)

You’re the one I miss,
You’re the one I love to wake to and kiss,
You’re the one I hate to leave when I go to work,
But even on a bad day, thoughts of you bring a smirk,
And when you head off early to school,
I dream of you my little jewel,
I may not say I love you as oft as I should,
Or spend as much time with you as I could,
But it doesn’t change the fact of how I feel,
I hope my love isn’t something I conceal,
I really am in love with you my dear,
And want nothing more than to have you near,
I won’t deny you’ve got some weird quirks,
But loving you has its perks,
I’m lucky to have you in my life,
And more so to have you as my wife.

Any Thoughts?

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