Lost Writing Buddy (#1588)

It’s been a year now since I lost my writing buddy,
Admittedly my feelings about this are somewhat muddy,
I cared for her and was invested in seeing her succeed,
But she never delivered on the goals that we agreed,
It had caused us to come to blows time and again,
All because she’d never pick up that bloody pen,
The common expectation is that writers actually write,
Even when doing so daily is a constant fight,
Her lack of commitment bothered me because I cared,
In hindsight, it seems fate knew we were ill-paired,
For my expectations were high and ironclad,
So, when she didn’t meet them, of course, I got mad,
She expected me to meet my goals and I did,
Yet when she didn’t, she’d get mad at me or try to kid,
She never seemed to keep to her part of the deal,
Now that she’s passed away, she never will,
If she hadn’t died, we probably would have ended anyway,
But I kept hope that she’d get it together someday,
It’s been a year now my writing buddy has been gone,
I suppose it’s time to find another and move on,

Any Thoughts?

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