Letting Go (#1114)

Invisible tears wash down my face,
As if doused with pepper mace,
It’s not from hurt or physical duress,
Instead, the culprit is none other than stress,
Stress has quite the surprising impact,
It builds but doesn’t give you time to react,
Like slow rising water, you may not see it rise,
As the realization hits, it has you by surprise,
If you panic you might be doomed to drown,
If not careful, the riptide will pull you down,
Currents of stress aren’t easy to navigate,
Nor are their lasting effects easy to anticipate,
The more I try to control, the worse it gets,
This isn’t a mere game of matching wits,
Sometimes I must let go to swim,
It’s hard to do that when all looks dim,
But letting go is sometimes the best,
You must not fight, revolt or protest,
Letting go allows us to find our way out,
Many times, in the most unexpected route,
When to the point where I’m about to blow,
I sometimes forget to simply let go,
But once I remember what I must do,
Stress’ command over me is through,
I must let go before stress takes its toll,
There are some things just beyond my control.

Any Thoughts?

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