Legacy of Stone (#773)

It’s called the legacy of stone,
When the heart chooses to stay alone,
They block entrance to the heart by force,
Their attitude toward love becomes coarse,
By stone and emotion, they make a fort of the heart,
To make sure no one gets close to them in any part,
Their friendships suffer under that heart’s shift,
They set barriers to them no one can lift,
They seal themselves inside where reason cannot reach,
Where no person may enter nor beseech,
In time their only friend is the pain they shelter,
And even that will then begin to cause swelter,
From a warm heart, it turns to frigid ice,
Revenge is given home and hatred is shown to the nice,
Pain becomes the disease that they thrive on,
Changes in personality are present, and care is almost gone,
Over it, ice chains form to hold it tight,
Between barriers and chains, there is no hint of light,
Inside they grew darker and colder as they aged,
Between ethics and wrong, war is to be waged,
If goodness is strong, then ethics will prevail,
But wrong has tricks to turn goodness pale,
No outside force can enter inside to give aid,
After the war, to rest one side will be laid,
If darkness wins, there is no feasible outside hope,
All anyone could do is pray that with pain they cope,
If goodness wins there may be hope yet,
This, if they will eventually let,
The legacy of stone has but one onset,
But its endings are quite enough to make one fret,
Take careful consideration of the choice,
Because it will have its time in everyone to voice,
This is a very dangerous path to choose,
You may think you gain, but you have a lot to lose,
When the heart chooses to stay alone,
This is known as the legacy of stone.

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