Keyboard and Soul (#883)

Why are there some days I can’t use a keyboard?
It’s as if I need to just unplug the cord,
Sometimes, the soul and keyboard just can’t interface,
Luckily for me, this isn’t always the case,
But days like today, I can do nothing until I unplug,
Then and only then do the words begin to tug,
The soul wants to flow through ink not key,
On these days, getting away from the keyboard sets me free,
I can’t claim to understand the why,
But away from the keyboard, the words start to fly,
The downside to this is the way that I write,
You see my handwriting would fill anyone with fright,
Reading my handwritten writing takes a miracle and a half,
Watching me try would make anyone laugh,
It’s certainly not the easiest thing to do,
I almost need a magnifying glass and a neon clue,
Yet when all I can do at the keyboard is think,
It’s time for me to go old school with the paper and ink.

Any Thoughts?

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