Kevin Duane Kerr (#1678)

I met him just after his father died,
He was still in mourning and cried,
We became friends in school,
He was socially awkward but cool,
He used to run his dad’s video store,
And dreamed of doing it once more,
He was a lovable gamer and geek,
He made friends despite being meek,
Always around him were books, dice, and notes,
Oh, how he loved his mystery van and trench coats,
I’ll always picture him with long hair and a beard,
Though in recent years the facial hair disappeared,
At a mere glance, he might have appeared a bum,
But he was as sweet, loyal, and caring as they come,
He had a unique gait and an infectious smile,
Spending time with him was always worthwhile,
On trips, he’d always pack all but the kitchen sink,
He was funny but also liked to make you think,
He’d become a foodie and a great cook,
His ideas for the future could fill a notebook,
I hate that I’ll never get to see him do all those things,
Now that he’s got his angel wings,
Old man, you have no idea how much you’ll be missed,
Of all the things in life, I never expected this plot twist,
You were a rock and someone who I could always depend,
You were taken far too soon, my old friend,

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