Jury Duty (#1176)

To avoid traffic, I decided to take the train,
The sky was gray, and it looked like it would rain,
It took a bit of walking to find the place,
Waiting in security lines felt like a tortoise race,
Past the metal detector and up several floors,
And yet again we get to wait in the corridors,
After a wait, we get checked in and set,
Hours pass and no word do we get,
Out of the blue, we are made to watch a videotape,
All of us wondering if there’s an escape,
Person by person they get selected,
Leaving the rest of us completely neglected,
Without warning my name is called,
And I can’t say I was enthralled,
They sent me to a courtroom to stand outside,
At this point my boredom I couldn’t hide,
With others, I stand waiting forever,
Getting inside we thought we’d never,
Eventually, we were given a number and seated,
One by one we were questioned and greeted,
When they read the indictment,
I can’t say I was filled with excitement,
It was a drug-related criminal case,
That should, per the judge, keep a quick pace,
After much ado, the attorneys picked their jury,
And the rest of us, relieved, got out in a hurry,
The selected 12 would go to trial,
And would come to a verdict after a while,
Thankfully my service on a jury wasn’t to be,
And you won’t hear any complaining from me!

Any Thoughts?

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