Joy of Eating (#264)

The joy of eating,
The joy of food and mouth meeting,
A juicy medium-rare steak,
A freshly iced vanilla cake,
A glass of ice-cold sweet tea,
Butterscotch candy, sweet as honey direct from the bee,
Warm chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk,
Chilled chocolate pudding swirled like silk,
Southern fried chicken and a side of mashed potatoes,
Spaghetti with garlic and simmered tomatoes,
Gumbo straight from the steeping pot,
A nice jambalaya with a kick of something hot,
A golden and gooey macaroni and cheese bake,
A frosty and refreshing vanilla ice cream shake,
French onion dip and potato chips thick and wavy,
Buttery biscuits with hot sausage gravy,
So, prepare for the dining room’s greeting,
Prepare for the joy of eating.

Any Thoughts?

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