Journey to You (#413)

My love for you drips from my heart like nectar from a comb,
In you, my restless spirit has found peace and eternal home,
The journey to find you hasn’t been fraught with ease,
I’ve traveled the world through mountains, plains, and seas,
I didn’t know the color of your eyes, your voice or your face,
Yet I searched you out from place to place,
Who would have thought you were a friend of a friend?
No one would have believed we’d be together in the end,
Yet there you were, quirky, funny and interesting too,
Then I found myself spending more and more time with you,
Out of the blue, we went from friends to something more,
Little did I know what our future would have in store,
Before long we fell deeper in love with each other,
We soon married- I became a father and you a mother,
Life has become more than I dreamed it to be,
When I wake in the morning, I’m glad it’s your face that I see.

Any Thoughts?

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