Job Cuts (#968)

Everywhere I look someone’s getting a pink slip,
It’s a rather difficult reality to swallow or grip,
People who’ve worked hard for years asked to leave,
It’s so hard to fathom, so hard to really believe,
Whole teams and organizations getting the ax,
Obviously, it’s hard for any of us to relax,
My boss unconvincingly says I should be safe,
But my team’s already felt the pangs of a fatal strafe.
The economy is bad, and the holidays are practically here,
With people losing jobs how can we have holiday cheer?
Massive job cuts at the holidays just aren’t right,
I thought the holidays were supposed to be merry and bright,
Strangers and friends both feeling the brutal brunt,
Instead of spending time with family, they’ll have to job hunt,
I feel for everyone that’s going to get hit,
The job cuts are absolute bullshit.

Any Thoughts?

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