Interstate 85 Bridge (#1443)

An important interstate bridge has collapsed to the ground,
The fire that caused it affected both south and northbound,

Now the fallen structure must be demolished and cleared,
Along with the other damaged sections warped and seared,

Atlanta was lucky that none was hurt in the collapse or killed,
Unfortunately, it’s going to take a good six months to rebuild,

Atlanta traffic was one of the worst before all this,
But that bridge collapse was equivalent to a death kiss,

As you can imagine, all other major roads ground to a halt,
But unlike normal so is any other path covered in asphalt,

Officials ask us to be patient while GDOT makes repairs,
They think Atlanta can be patient? Pfft. Only in their prayers,

No matter where you live or where you’re coming from,
This event is going to affect us for many months to come,

Any Thoughts?

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