Improvise (#812)

It wasn’t designed to be used this way,
Nor is half the stuff we use every day,
So, it wasn’t supposed to be used like that,
But it’s the only thing I had where I was at,
Despite its true purpose I’ll give it a few tries,
Humans by nature have a knack to improvise,
With what we have we tend to make do,
That odd little trait tends to get us through,
It’s amazing how things can be adapted and used,
We’re not evolution’s unintelligent little fools,
Humanity has a gift for constructing tools,
It’s allowed us to take evolution by surprise,
And many times, allowed us to escape our own demise,
It’s comical to look at some of the things we create,
Just so we can say we control our own fate.

Any Thoughts?

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