Ill (#190)

Ever feel ill?
If not, you probably will,
When you’re no longer at your peak,
When your knees become weak,
When you get congested and sneezy,
When suddenly your stomach becomes queasy,
When your nose begins to run,
When the wheezing has just begun,
When your head rapidly begins to pound,
When coughs begin to bellow and sound,
When it’s your nose, you need to blow,
When in your movements, the sickness begins to show,
When the world around you become a daze,
When your temperature starts to raise,
When your forehead begins to bake,
When cold chills force you to shake,
When your body hurts and aches,
When nausea shortly overtakes,
When just on the verge of passing out,
When coughs return in aggressive bouts,
When your vision begins to blur,
I bet you’ll want a cure!

Any Thoughts?

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