How I Felt Before Marriage (#832)

Hear the pipes’ boastful hum,
Hear the pounding of the drum,
This, the race I feel I run,
Feeling the rising sun,
Pushed and pulled knowing where I go,
I want to travel the road, but slow,
An intimate love that travels with me,
I hesitate and slow, but does she see?
Love courses through me for her pure,
She is the one I will marry I am sure,
Every ounce of me screams, “I want this,”
I know it; I feel it, in every moment and kiss,
If less intimate to slow, I would,
To tell her how I feel, I know I should,
I love Marsha with all my heart and soul,
She is the soul mate that makes me feel whole,
This is special to me, and we should enjoy the time,
Share every word, moment, joy, and rhyme,
Once before I had tried and failed to show her,
Though I fear her response to easing slower, 
Yes- love is strong, but it has its own delicate flow,
Yes- scared to love and scared to lose but I want this slow,
Love and time are a quilt that warms through the years,
It is always there, through happiness, joy, sorrow, and tears,
Commitment is not the issue since I feel she is my wife,
I am her husband now and for the rest of my life,
When looking at the future time runs all too fast,
When we arrive there, we will find we missed the past,
This time cannot come again so why not enjoy what we see,
Slow and together, this special time with her and me,
If we take it slow or one step at a time, we’ll make it through,
Because I know what Marsha and I have is true,
My question is, will she see how I feel,
And still, see my love is strong and real,
I couldn’t bear to lose the love of my life,
Cause I am her husband and Marsha, my wife,
In ways, I feel bad to have emotions as this slow,
But the faster we go this feeling seems to grow,
“Slower, slower” the words gyrate in my brain,
Even though for marriage we are wanting and fain,
I wish not to burn our candle lower before its chance,
I want to take in the air and softly do our dance.

Any Thoughts?

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