Homeless (#1211)

When I see someone who’s homeless,
I wonder how they got into that mess,
Is their story a bit of a sob?
Did they lose their job?
Were they kicked out of their home?
Left only to roam?
Was it because of some affliction?
Or some unsurmountable drug addiction?
Do they beg for money to get food or just booze?
Do they need shelter, warm clothing, shoes?
Some fight and managed to get off the street,
Others fall into depression and admit defeat,
So many lose their drive and hope,
They feel they’re at the end of their rope,
I can’t imagine anyone wanting to stay in that state,
Yet there are those who accept it as their fate,
We get frustrated, but we can’t condemn,
If they won’t help themselves, how can we help them?

Any Thoughts?

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